Rita has an excellent knowledge an was supportive I now have a better understanding of myself and how I can help myself. I’m excited as I start my journey and of where it might take me

Jacqui B

Rita is extremely knowledgeable she is brilliant and empathic support. I learned lots and still more to learns I absorb the info in the  handbook. The course will benefit me in terms of healing myself and my aim is to use ti in my business assist client who have limiting beliefs’ and seek transformation I…

Deb M

Rita is an exceptional teacher in many ways I know my true path I know I’m on a journey home. For me the most valuable aspects were learning to meditate, be silent and trust the Angels. To feel safe and of course loved All empaths should do this course

Julie G

Rita answered every question with confidence and love the support and feeling of ‘being held’ was exceptional. I felt I learned a lot and open up my wisdom The course was run in a disciplined way which made me feel peaceful rather overloaded or afraid’ I felt Rita was fully in control and could handle…

Auriol B

Rita’s depth of knowledge and emotional support was tremendous I felt very relaxed happy, safe and secure. I learned so much more than expected a lot of confirmation of thoughts. feelings I have been able to fully trust the guidance of Angels and Ascendant masters with more clarity of information spiritually emotionally with a chance…

Michelle C